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The Argument: Internet

An argument between a mother and son about the internet.

Mother: “Are you turning the internet off yet?You have been on it for almost three hours!”

Son (Jimmy): “But…”

Mother: “NO, “But’s”. Get the internet off now!”

Son: “I have only had the internet on for an hour. Please Mum!”

Mother: “Stop trying to trick me, doesn’t pay to be a liar! You’re not doing anything productive on it.”

Son: “Yeah I am!”

Mother: “No, you’re not. You are just on that messaging site!”

Son: “I will turn it off in a minute.”

Mother: “James Oliver-Bailey, I want you to turn that internet off right now. Otherwise I will come over there and unplug it all. You have school in the morning!”

Son: “No!”

Mother: “Right, that’s it!”

Son: “Ok. Ok. I’m turning it off now. It just has to disconnect.”

Mother: “Good. It better be turning off. After that you can go to bed.”

These events are created from fictional. All names and characters mentioned are of fiction.

The Arguement: Bacon

Set in a supermarket.

Script between three fictional characters:

Jessica. Customer. Manager and Store Assistant

Jessica: “Excuse me. I’m looking for the bacon”

Store Assistant: “Sorry, I think we are sold out”

Jessica: “Well, can you check out back?”

Store Assistant: “Alright, just a moment” [Store Assistant checks the stock out-back for bacon]

[He leaves the stockroom with nothing]

Store Assistant: “We don’t have any bacon. You will have to come back tomorrow”

Jessica: “I’m not coming back tomorrow. I want bacon now! My kids are at home wanting their breakfast too. What am I going to tell them?”

Store Assistant: “You will have to go to somewhere else. I can’t help you”

Jessica: “I’m not happy with your tone of voice. Get me the manager, now!”

Store Assistant: “Ok. Please wait a moment.”

[Manager confronts the customer]

Manager: “What is the issue?”

Jessica: “Your Store Assistant is being rude, saying there is no bacon and that he can’t help me”

[Manager looks at Store Assistant]

Manager: “Did you check in the stockroom?”

Store Assistant: “Yes. I checked. Everybody has bought the bacon. No more will be delivered until tomorrow”

[Manager look back at Jessica]

Manager: “Sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused, however we have no bacon at our store. You really will have go to the shop around the corner or come back tomorrow”

Jessica: “I already told him that I don’t want the bacon tomorrow. That’s more money and it’s not thick bacon. You better give me the extra cash because your shop is to blame!”

Manager: “We can’t offer compensation for this issue”

Jessica: “I’m not coming here ever again. I will tell you that for sure!”

[Jessica furiously ‘strops’ out of the store.]

Manager: “Well that escalated quickly!”

The short story script consists purely of fictional events.

Written by Jason Matthews

How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks

How to sell a million books overnight? Easy-peasy, just do this:

  • Write a book fast. The faster the better.
  • Don’t worry about beta readers or professional editors. (time consuming)
  • Slap on a cover, even if you have no graphic design experience.
  • Formatting? Why bother when the message is what matters?
  • Publish it on Amazon, either exclusively with KDP Select or with every other retailer too.
  • Get on Facebook/Twitter and scream about your book at all times. Sell, sell and sell some more!
  • Broadcast at Goodreads and Amazon Kindle Forums, disregard their TOS. It’s not spam, it’s an investment in your future.
  • Keep pitching until the masses have found your book and every reader has fallen in love with it.
  • Kick back and count your Benjamins. Nice work, Indie Author Super-Star!

Save 92% Sell Ebooks on Amazon and Major Retailers

Okay, you’ve probably guessed the above advice is a joke and a recipe for…

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